LENZI STELLA’s soil is not plowed, but the grass is cut together with the rest of the prunings which, left dispersed on the ground, enrich the soil with organic materials.

A very important moment for us and for our olive trees is the pruning. Every year we practice a multi-branched vase maintaining pruning technique, in order to respect the free development of the plant.

Irrigation is not practised and no phytosanitary treatments are used.
The estate is currently transitioning to organic farming and will obtain the certification at the end of 2019.

Between the end of September and the beginning of October, once the drupes reach 15% ripeness, the olives are collected by manually beating the branches to make the olives fall onto nets. The olives are then transported to the oil mill in stackable perforated boxes.

The processing occurs immediately after harvesting in mills with a continuous two-stage production cycle. We operate a cold extraction (less than 26 degrees) in order to preserve the maximum content in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Olive oil has 3 enemies: light, oxygen and heat. Our olive oil is first stored in stainless steel tanks and then poured into brown glass bottles. We opt for 100ml and 250ml bottles to reduce contact with the air. The special cap we use constitutes a better guarantee because it limits the air let into the bottle. Once in your hands, we recommend you protect your olive oil from all light and heat.