We invite you to discover the world of olive oil via different kinds of sensory experiences. The guided tours aim to provide the tools for identifying the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil and the specialized vocabulary for describing these nuances.

Our tastings allow you to improve your sensibility and assist you in putting names to the feelings, flavours and memories evoked by every olive oil you taste.

This initiation into “oleology” gives you a new way of looking at olive oils, but also more confidence in your own sensory abilities and personal creativity.

As with wine, each olive oil typology goes better with certain dishes. During our tastings you will appreciate the most interesting pairings, from salads to desserts, with the possibility of discovering our other products (almonds, pistachios).

Tastings are organised privately or collectively in LENZI STELLA’s partner restaurants.

LENZI STELLA also organises also guided tours of our plantations, where you can see our olive trees and enjoy the local gastronomic culture as part of a total sensory experience.