The Land comes first. Above all. It’s there that everything begins. The ground, the minerals and especially the sun, the conductor of our symphony. In both clay and calcareous earth, where every single stone is respected, our olive trees find peace and a perfect state of life.

For four generations we have been here, guardians of this temple.

Sicily is the biggest island of in the Mediterranean Sea and it offers a tremendous biodiversity, endless shades of colours, smells and flavours.

Different corners produce differently flavoured EVOOs.

The valleys of Trapani (Valli trapanesi) – in the westernmost part of the island, between the Trapani coast and the slopes of Erice, a arid land made for growing wine. Among the vineyards our olive trees rest. Near the sea, with a sun that shines all year long. There a very ancient variety of olive tree dominates: the Cerasuola. The same Cerasuola that you find in our oils LA CERASA and IL SAGGIO.

The hills of Enna – in the center of Sicily, a lush and green area rich in almond and pistachio trees. There the temperature variation from night to day is significant. The soil is clayey, wet and cold. The Sicilian Moresca finds its perfect environment on these endless hills. That variety produces an EVO which is sweet at the beginning and bitter at the end: IL MORO.